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Receiving daily mail, filing, and delivering incoming documents to those who is affected will be significantly easier with the Document Library, as once the documents have been digitized, all the necessary documents will be filed and stored in one place. In addition, duplication can be avoided, as each document will be stored only once.

Paper documents only need to be recorded once, then the original documents can be placed in the archive. After electronic filing, the image of the document become available electronically to all authorized users, this eliminates copying and searching. In addition, documents should not be lost and become easier to track. All our recorded documents can be retrieved, with the help of our OCR service you can also search in the text of the document, so you don’t have to keep in mind every document title.

The document library feature is available from anywhere and anytime with the right permissions and stable Internet access.

You can specify any number of document types that can be defined according to your needs. For each document type, you can specify both basic and specific data.


Benefits of using Document library:

    • It is sufficient to upload each documet to the Document library once, as this will make it available to all authorized users from anywhere and at anytime.
    • The necessary documents can be accessed through the browser, even from smart phones and tablets..
    • The accesses and privileges of the users of each document can be precisely defined.
    • It is posibble to upload classified documents.

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