GENERAL FEATURES –          Integrated master file management

–          unlimited partner, product and service management

–          storage of denominations according to language

–          entitlement management

–          excellent scalability

LEDGER MODULE –          separated treatment of management period

–          book entries generated by the automatic account combinations standards

–          4 unrelated dimensions

–          currency management

–          integral management of general ledger entries of automatic modules

–          automatic, situations sensitive account combination

–          support of aggregate and single accountancy

–          parallel management of mixed log books

–          reception of extern general ledger posting

FINANCIAL MODULE –          account management (customer, supplier)

–          funds (bank, cashier)

–          bank account management (calculation of interest on late payments)

–          different statuses are available on all financial documents by processing

–          treatment of foreign currency documents

–          management of VAT periods

–          management of bank certificates based on digest and item

–          collection, reception and sending of transfers to order (from bank terminal)

–          management of more parallel cashier

–          printing of cash documents and management of cash summary

–          management of any means of payment

–          automatic immediate cash certificate in case of cash accounts

–          accountancy, printing and observation of deposit

–          established cash flow forecast




–          register of low and high value assets (single and aggregate)

–          management of unlimited depreciation method

–          automatic depreciation calculation (straight-line mode)

–          residual value treatment

–          treatment of unplanned depreciation

–          registers

–          treatment of accessories

–          accessories can be separated or contracted

–          serial numbers and notes can be recorded for accessories boards

–          inventory support




–          registration of customer and supplier contracts

–          management of framework agreement

–          automatic generation of contract item

–          automatic invoice generation from customer contracts

–          supplier contracts, commitments and account confirmation

–          monitoring of deadlines, statuses and compliances



–          any number and type of inventories

–          treatment of own and schedule production waste

–          minimum-maximum stock management

–          item management according to quantity, value, serial number and barcode

–          accountancy can be adjusted by article groups and movements

–          treatment of inventory movements and set reservation

–          post-pricing of warehouse items

–          automatic invoicing

–          register of set value (FIFO, clearing price or average price set value) delivery notes, warehouse receipts can be managed and printed

–          subsequent modification of purchase price (by cost elements)

CONTROLLING MODUL –          arbitrary parameter options to synthetic and analytic statements

–          facts for integrated management information