Integrated Management System

Product information

DATACONTO provides integrated solution for medium – and large enterprises as well as companies with more locations. This web-based software is a new dimension for accounting offices as it gives the possibility to telecommuting.


  • web-based development
  • flexible formed: modules can be operated independently or built on each other (adapting to the customers’ actual requirements and the lifecycle of the enterprise)
  • once enough data to record due to the integration
  • continuous improvement of functionality and surface according to the customers’ new requirements

Benefits of DATACONTO

  •  formation without any dependence of sectors
  •  independent application of each modules without any limitation of sequence and timing
  •  completely integrated system (enough to record all data at once)
  •  effects of the recorded data can be detected immediately (also in the related modules)
  •  DataConto can be used in Internet/Intranet environment (with a general browser)
  •  DataConto can be completely used even from a single server
  •  Windows (IIS, MS-SQL, Oracle) and Linux (APACHE, INTERBASE) operating environment
  •  Safety data connection between server and workstations
  •  Opportunity for telecommuting (enterprises with more locations and accounting offices)
  •  Appropriate eligibility system
  •  Immediate information from stored data with the help of the management information system
  •  Support of resources outsourcing (ASP/ISP)


Modules of DATACONTO

  •  Ledger module
  •  Financial module
  •   Asset registry module
  •   Contract registry module (customer and supplier contracts)
  •   Inventory module
  •   Controlling module


Special application of DATACONTO

  •  Wholesale function
  •  Retail function
  •  Service function