Contract registration module

– Contract registration module

The condition of transparent corporate operation is that the register of the data of important business documents is orderly and transparent, this is also true for the registration of contracts and commitments. The

Contract Registry module provides a complete solution for recording and managing data and fees for any number and type of contracts (customer and supplier) in one place. Contracts concluded in different currencies can also be managed in the program.

The Contract Registry module provides full compliance for the entire life cycle of contract management, from its intended state to its termination or re-conclusion.

A digitized version of the contract can also be uploaded for each contract.

Based on the entered customer contracts, it is possible to keep in touch with the Partners via the Internet (HelpDesk, new needs,…) with the support of the Portal module.

List of contract registration module functions:

The contract registration module can be used regardless of the industry or area of operation

Contracts related to customers can be entered, specifying which product (s), including which product unit (s), are subject to availability.

You can specify who is allowed to report (error or claim) from the given customer in connection with the given contract in the HelpDesk module

Contracts cannot be contracted for items managed by the system, but for their arbitrary grouping. For this purpose, it is possible to fix and assemble product units and product groups.

An item can be linked to product units and product groups for later billing

Prices can be linked to the discount period, partner, quantity

A termékegységekhez és a termékcsoportokhoz cikk kapcsolható a későbbi számlázhatóság érdekében

Invoices can be generated based on contract items