Project management consulting

During the project management we provide you a professional who helps you from planning to realization.

If we can make a common project in the context of our solution, we will provide a professional to perform the management processes. If it is necessary, he makes the project memorandum, the managerial and professional records (project diary, section diary) and the roll-out plan.  As well as his functions are holding regular managerial developers meetings, coordination of different projects and providing information to the competent. He plays a dominate role during planning, controlling and management:

  • active communication between customer and supplier
  • observing all obligations of the contract
  • making status reports and informative
  • making escalation to both management (if necessary)
  • one-man management of business resources

You can ask for our consulting in case of IT and management questions.


If you are interested in our services contact us:

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