Ledger module

– Ledger module

The Ledger module of the service provides the accounting records of economic events (in HUF and accounting currency). The system provides maximum support for compliance with accounting and tax legislation, and meets the requirements for the management of strict accounting documents.

The Ledger module makes accounting and communication with the company’s accountant easier and more transparent. If you have your own accountant, you can make her job easier with the help of the Ledger module. This will give your accountant more opportunities to help your business with her expertise.

Using the  service, your accountant will have access to all your accounts in one place. In addition, a lot of time can be saved in compiling the accounting materials, as using it will be easy to deliver them to the accountant.


 In our  service, you can also find the Tangible Assets module, which is fully suitable for managing and registering your tangible assets.


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