– Integrated Corporate Management System

Our WEB-based DataConto integrated corporate management system, which has been operating since 2002 was rewritten in 2017 based on modern, proven technology. From the very beginning, our Clients have issued more than 10,000,000 outgoing invoices in the DataConto system.

was made in completely new way, specialized to the current needs of our costumers. is available via the open Internet. The system can also available from mobile or tablet too, and we optimized our management supporting functions for mobile.

We suplemented the classic ERP functions with Document Library and Process Controlling System, so we offer a really effective solution for our Clients. We are also opened new dimensions for the SME sector and corporate sector too, because by automating the Back Office tasks and organizing tasks into a processes, we can reduce time and man-hours and at the same time we can increase the efficiency too.

Benefits of using :

WEB user interface. The system can be used regardless of the device, the browser or the location. Some of our Management Supporting function is also optimized for mobile devices.

User-friendly interface, fast response time when recording data (less than 1 second).

It is possible to automate task by using the process controller, so our Client can reallocate time and human resources to other tasks.

Our customer getsl not only a corporate management system, but also a Document Library and a Process Control System.

The system also supports multi-company operation in one database, where it is also possible to create a common database between the companies.

How can help your Business?

Managing your Business

  • You can get up-to-date information from the system all the time.

Organizing your tasks

  • Using the Process Control System, task milestones and readiness levels can be easily tracked.

Time Management

  • You can manage your entire business in a single WEB-based system.  system allows employees to perform their tasks along more transparent processes.

Costumer Management

  • You can manage your costumer relations and you can also manage the contracts of your business.