Portal/HelpDesk module

– HelpDesk / Portal module

For businesses that also perform customer service tasks, a key criterion is customer-centric demand and notification management, which you can manage effectively using the HelpDesk module. Using the DataContoPro HelpDesk module, the company has the opportunity to manage claims and error reports from its own Customers in one place with the involvement of the Process Controller and the Document Library.

The primary task of the module is to manage, allocate, schedule external and internal reports, needs and errors received by the company, to measure the expenditure, and thus to simplify the subsequent administration.

If a Client with the appropriate privileges submits a notification via the Internet in the HelpDesk module and fills in the notification template correctly, the module will generate the task for the appropriate resource group based on the specified parameters. Using the module will make the handling of the notification more transparent and easier for both parties.

List of HelpDesk / Portal module functions:
The HelpDesk module can be used by any company, regardless of industry or area of operation The Contract Registry module is also required for the HelpDesk module to function properly.
In the HelpDesk module, dedicated employees can add new notifications for products and modules in contracts. You can enter the information required for the notification, attach documentation that will be recorded in the document repository
What types of notifications can be recorded as master data, and what statuses are possible in connection with them Statuses can be manually changed in the notification by the HelpDesk module manager (if status transfer is not linked to process control)
Changes to notifications are tracked The HelpDesk module can be connected to the Process Control module