– Automation

Perhaps the most important cornerstone of our service is the self learning system, which we achieve with the help of different self-learning algorithms. Algorithms can be used to automatize processes of software service, such as identifying the type of different documents, automatically starting the associated processes, or recording the recognized text data.

The initiation of processes related that document type is handled by self-learning system that over time, allows most of the input documents to be processed fully automatically.

With the help of the self-learning or machine-learning system, the system will able to perform tasks in an automatic and self-improving way that would mean significantly more time, possibility to error, and cost using human resources alone.

Self-learning also means that users only have to upload the digitized picture of the document to the service platform and have any additional tasks or process steps performed by the system, this is saving significant energy, time and administrative costs.

The benefits of using automation:

    • Recognize document types and start related processes.

    • The data recognized by the OCR service and the result of manual data recording of the given documents in the  system are analyzed by the system with the help of AI algorithms, then each process step can be automated by the system.

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