Ledger module

– Ledger module

The Ledger module provides accounting records of economic events in three different currencies simultaneously (accounting, documentary and tax return). With this, it is able to provide a complete solution for companies accounting in foreign currency.

The module clearly contains the corresponding general ledger record for every analytical document, which also contains the accounting data on the debt and receivables side. It is also clear from the ledger analytics at any time to which analytical document a particular accounting item belongs, within which specifically to which line item.

With proper use of the accounting rules, it is also possible to record the documents of the analytical modules when they are recorded.

The lists and statements included in the accounting module always contain up-to-date information, so that our customers can make more informed decisions based on real-time data.

List of functions in the Ledger module:
Five-level accounting parameterization option depending on the company’s accounting policy – Primary ledger number – Secondary ledger number – Job number – Division – Cost center Multiple management periods can be managed at the same time
Accounting currency can be defined by the user DataContoPro books in 3 currencies at once
Create accounting items generated by automatic account rules and audited by accounting rules By specifying a receipt date interval, you can ensure that the same economic events are posted differently by date
With the account regulations it is also possible to regulate special VAT treatments (Payment VAT, VAT transfer) Processing requirements can be tightened by specifying other properties
Flexible parameter settings As a result of the processing regulations, the ledger items are created automatically in the appropriate status
Different account specifications for each currency There is no need for manual posting, aggregate posting, because the program automatically posts based on the set posting rules
Integral management of ledger items in analytical modules (analytics – ledger) All temporary and permanent ledger items are displayed
Ledger items that have not yet been posted can be manually corrected and their accounting dimensions can be modified Supporting the opening and closing of ledger periods
Receiving external ledger submissions Management of documents in any currency
Parallel handling of mixed logs The related document can be viewed at the touch of a button without changing menu items
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