General Economic Planner and Analysis System

Product information

Planner has been developed to make more (any number), different valued (Bottom up/Top down) draft plans for a given time period. By using individually parameterized Excel functions stored plan data can be compared with the facts extracted from the database. Differences can be indicated in value, physical indicator and ratio.


  • Possibility to serve each users’ individual planning processes
  •  Easy and rapid production of draft plans (time and space separately)
  •  Arbitrary depth storage of draft plans for subsequent comparison
  •  Storage of calculated values
  •  Minimally support of Excel spreadsheet for planning and analysis
  •  Stirct eligibility system

Process of planning

Production of draft plans works with Planner functionality of MS Excel application. The planning is solvable in top-down and bottom-up system by storage of draft plans. Some plan „pieces” can be made by using the common database. Different versions of plans can be compared with each other or facts.

Analysis of draft plans is supported by DATAMINER’s all functions.

Some applications of Planner


Plan type Methods of data storage
Balance sheet and income plans Monthly, quarterly and annually recorded value of general ledger accounts
Cost plans Comparable plans on the level of each projects, cost centers and cost-bearings
Sales plans Sale plan in physical indicators, foreign currency and HUF per partners, items and terms
Liquidity plans Plan that manages daily cash flow in addition to stored financials documents
Production plans Plans that records and analyzes human and other resources per days and projects