Finance module

– Finance module

The Finance module covers all financial activities provides the management of documents and their exchange rates in any currency of the company.

As a result of the full integration of the corporate management system, all data entries and modifications in the Finance module, which also include a predefined account specification, can be automatically posted in the Ledger module.

By using the connections between the documents what managed in the module (customer, supplier accounts, their associated bank and other financial data), you can minimize manual data entry. Every document has minimum 5 statuses, which can be used to distribute the processing process between different employees in location and time.

The financial processes and movements of the company will be more transparent, up-to-date and visible.

List of functions of the Finance module:

Managing outgoing and incoming invoices. Each document has a different status setting option for each processing process
Immediate and automatic cash receipt for cash invoices Document copy function
Complete exchange rate management Complete information about the documents
Verification and liquidation of incoming invoices Settlement of exchange differences
Import invoice/account information Advance credit management on final accounts
Compilation of a banking package Bank dispatch from accounts marked by users to be transferred from the system
Extract and item based management of bank documents Import bank statements from a file received from the banking system
FIFO cash management Manage multiple funds
Manage any type of cash payment Printing advance payment letters, issuing advance payment invoices based on advance payment request letters
Printing cash register documents, preparing cash register reports HUF and foreign currency compensation of current account items within a partner
Financial correspondence – demand for payment, request for late payment interest, balance statement VAT treatment broken down by line of return, taking into account the legal requirement
Statement of current accounts by partner and period Management of VAT periods
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