Process Controlling Module

– Process Controlling Module

The Process Control module is the solution for businesses that want to control day-to-day or document-related activities along predefined processes. By working along controlled processes and mechanizing automated tasks, you can save valuable man-hours and human resources over time.

For pre-recorded activities, you can specify which resource groups can perform, and the user also decides which resource groups are members in a given time period. This also allows for flexible flexibility in changing the workload of staff (depending on changes in the amount of each activity, holidays, patient stocks and fluctuations).

Activities can be easily organized into processes through ‘s graphical design interface. The WORK-FLOW module supports the following when running planned processes:

  • Normal process steps (sequence, branching, parallel process steps,…)
  • Automatic steps (web call from forms within DataContoPro or any other system)
  • Escalation
  • Process and activity data management
  • Special reports and statements provide up-to-date and accurate information

With the help of the above, it will be possible for all employees to always know what the deadline is and what they will know about exactly where they are going. And with the help of the processes that have already taken place, all company knowledge will be documented and this information can be retrieved at any time. In addition, task milestones and readiness levels can always be tracked, making day-to-day work more transparent.

List of (not exhaustive) functions of the Process Control Module:

Automatic start of business processes related to certain document types - thus ensuring the processing of documents

Fixed and regulated processes divide activities into resource groups - an opportunity to escalate if the task is not completed

For each activity and task, it is precisely documented what the task is and who performs the task - this makes it easier to work on a daily basis and even to train a new colleague when a co-worker leaves.

Task milestones and readiness levels can always be tracked, making the daily session more transparent

It is even possible to design your own processes using the built-in graphical process planner

In the case of a multi-company operation, the same employee can work in several companies along the same processes