Tangible assets module

– Tangible assets module

In the Tangible Assets module, we have the opportunity to individually record the intangible assets, tangible assets and investments of the company, and the module is also suitable for the legal requirements of the Accounting Act. According to the Accounting and Tax Act, the individual assets can even be registered in different currencies. The corporate management system is able to handle all possible tangible asset movements: e.g. activation, scrapping, relocation. In addition to the accounting records, the Tangible Assets module allows the grouping of assets, in addition to which the place of use of the assets, insurance data, accessories and characteristics can be recorded. The primary registration of assets is by storage location, person responsible for the asset and cost center.

The system can handle 3 different depreciation methods: straight-line, lump-sum, performance-based, and assets that cannot be depreciated can also be recorded. Depreciation can be performed at any time. Residual value, market revaluation of assets, accounting and reversal of unplanned depreciation can also be recorded in the system. Inventory support is also available with the system, thus the barcode asset register can provide additional convenience for our Client’s business.

List of functions of the Tangible Assets module:

Individual register of small and high value tangible assets Accounting and bookkeeping in multiple dimensions. (Primary general ledger number – Secondary general ledger number – Job number – Division – Cost center)
Residual value treatment Support for managing year-varying description keys
Simultaneous calculation and comparison of different depreciation methods All devices can be attached to cardboard, eg: serial number, note
Register of non – depreciable assets Possibility to report data on tangible asset cards and related economic events
Manage accessories – You can assign any number of accessories to a device Market revaluation
Inventory support Difference in value calculation and accounting
Automatic depreciation Immediate posting of event
3 depreciation methods Accounting and Corporate tax records
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