Finance module

– Finance module

In the business world, it is essential for a business leader to be aware of the financial situation of his or her business at all the time. This is also supported by the service of DataLogic Ltd., you can get up-to-date information about the financial situation and daily cash flows of your company.

The Finance module of the system covers the full range of financial activities in the classical sense, so it includes the recording of invoices, bank and cash receipts, the registration of VAT periods (analytics) and the management of other financial tasks (compensations, financial letters, current accounts).

The system ensures the management of documents in all currencies, supports the compliance of accounting and tax legislation (ON-LINE account), and meets the requirements for the management of strict accounting documents.

You can see exactly what status your documents are in, and you can also use the Process Controller to get an up-to-date information of the processing process. In addition, you can view images of all outgoing and incoming invoices and receipts in the program itself, but you can even download them at any time.

You can use the Current Account function of the Finance module to keep track of your partners’ current accounts. Use this feature to find out which status of accounts associated with your partners is listed in your system. This will allow you to list your own customers who still have an outstanding account, allowing you to plan your earnings in advance based on expected referrals. In the Default Interests function, you can also specify a record date so that you can charge default interest according to the type of delay. You will see exactly how much of each claim or debt you still have on time and how much you have exceeded the deadline.


Benefits of using Finance Module:

  • Our clients can work in any currency. The system is able to handle situations where the currency of the invoice issued in the process, the currency of the transfer and the currency of the managed account are also different.
  • Verification of the status and processing of documents is continuously ensured. You can view the uploaded document for each of your documents.
  • Bank and cash flows and balances can be accurately tracked.

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