Management supporting functions

– Management supporting functions

In the business life, it is essential that company leaders always have up-to-date information about their businesses. The service of DataLogic Ltd. offers a solution to this challenge.

The service provides up-to-date information, with the help you can make more informed decision in your business.

Our full service is available via the open Internet, so You and your staff can work anytime and anywhere.

Our full service is available from mobile, so your employees dont have to always have to have their notebooks with them, they can even issue an invoice from their smartphones. Some of our management supporting systems, such as reports and dashboards are also optimized for mobile, so you can take these features with you in anywhere and anytime.

The system stores the data of the completed tasks and makes it viewable. This will give you an transparent picture of how certain processes will be performed and their current milestones.

Visit our BISCUIT system for full functionality.

Benefits of using the Management Information System:

    • All reports and statements are up-to-date, so you can always make more informed decisions based on exact information.

    • 100% up-to-date infomration is available.

    • You can drill down to aggregate data through the service.

    • It is possible to export Excel from the list of each module of the system.

    • The service can export standard and custom reports and dashboards in the most commonly used formats (HTML, Excel, PDF).

    • We also support remote access, the home office, the same functions can be accessed remotely (even from smart phone and tablet) as from the office workstation.

    • Management support features such as reports and dashboards are also available optimized for mobile.


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