Complete ERP and Workflow System

Product information

TVIR is developed for customers who want to operate in project approach.


–          project management

–          management of resources on organization level

o   planning

o   allocating

o   monitoring

–          training of standard processes – process control

–          multi-level access control

–          document management

–          communication support

–          completion monitoring

–          administration support

–          statements and calculations

–          CRM

–          customer login (WEB based)

TVIR supports the projects’ whole life cycle which are the followings:

–          sales phase

–          project planning

–          realization of projects

o   allocation

o   monitoring

–          close projects

Using TVIR can increase organizational know-how:

–          knowledge base can be increased as all documents, communications, projects and processes are available for looking back

–          predictable resources

–          more finished projects before the deadline

When do you need TVIR?

–          If you know that your business could be more effective but you don’t know how to start

–          If you want to know where your money comes from and where it heads to

–          If it is difficult to control incoming customer requirements

–          If important things are usually forgotten

–          If you want to control your business at a higher level

Benefits of TVIR:

Why is TVIR useful for managers?

–          all information and documentation are in an integrated system

–          resources can be planned and  regrouped (substitution, holidays, illness)

–          exact information of project milestones are available

–          appropriate controlling data are available

–          resources can be planned

–          inputs can be planned

–          projects can be planned

–          all projects can be analyzed

Why is TVIR useful for employees?

–          they can find all useful information in an integrated system

–          they can assigned their working ours by foreseeing their projects

–          TVIR can increase individual productivity

–          Telecommuting could be better for them

–          They can communicate more effectively with their colleagues


–          Integrated system for planning, recording and monitoring different projects

–          Project controlling

–          Training and management of processes

–          Attaching and monitoring of documents and communications

–          Monitoring of resources strain (graphic appearance)

–          MS Excel relation (export-import)

–          Process management

–          WEB interface (administration, telecommuting, CRM)

–          Making financial reports (for the whole company, individual projects, work numbers and divisions)

–          Multilevel eligibility system (min 3 levels: manager, project manager, working)

–          Monitoring of sales and marketing processes

–          Easy to handle, customizable view