Process Control System

Product information

The object of Proway is to support the effective operation of companies (manage, plan, control, track and monitor theextarnal and internal proccesses). Process instances can be started according to the pre-defined process types from the system. These instances are directed by the program according to the normal flow of opportunities.

Proway can increase the organizational know-how, as all operational processes are ascertained. The memory of the company increases, as processes and projects can be looked back.


Main functions of Proway


Processes, tasks, above and below orders can be looked back owing to the documentation.

–          the way of the work – what to do, how to do – job description can be done

–          organizational hierarchy – organizational structure chart can be made

–          sequence of the tasks – process description


Resources and tasks can be effectively planned and deadlines can be indicated by using Proway.


Planned and actual data can be compared by the control of each project tasks.

–          Who, When, What result?

–          Plan-fact comparison

Process Control:

Full management of processes:

–          launch

–          resources reservation

–          indication of project tasks to the users

–          incidental intervention


Benefits of Proway

Managerial prespective:

Effective planning, management and control

–          more transparent organizational operation

–          cleared internal processes

–          resources can be planned

–          resource regrouping (substitutions, holidays, illness)

–          processes can be monitored

–          Planning, controls, statements and summaries (weekly planning)

–          inputs can be planned

–          projects and processes can be planned

–          all tasks can be controlled any analyzed

Employee perspective

Employees know about the projects:

–          what to do

–          when they have to be done

–          where they have to transmit the projects

–          result of their work according to the statements


Generation variability of processes

Planned and applied processes can be re-planned and modified. The system controls the modified processes and takes them over to the running tasks. Employees can also control further process variations, so the system can be operated at low cost.

Deadlines and cost control

Relative deadlines, scheduled time and expenses can be defined for each projects and tasks. Critical deadlines and costs can be checked with the related ADATBÁNYÁSZ statements. Significant capacity expansion can be rached with the optimized task order.

Collective resource management

All human and other resources can be assigned to a resource group, so the tasks can be managed by resources. Immediate task allocation is possible by managing different resource groups. All processes are documented, they can be allocated among the group members or be passed to new resources.

Integrated document management

Any documents can be attached to each process that ensures the increase of the knowledge base.


Support of ISO standards

Proway effectively supports the ISO standards with process registry, administration and document management. Past activities can be monitored with the DATAMINER application.


Opportunities of Proway applications

During the development of Proway our main aspect was a simple, user friendly operation and the possibility of graphical planning. The system structure allows the user to receive data from existing management program. Processes can be planned and imported in an external system (Microsoft Visio 2003).

ADATBÁNYÁSZ Management Information System closely matches to Proway and works from its database. Update management information are displayed as lists, on the Internet or in Excel charts.


Support of functions and tasks

Employees, managers and external members can be classified into groups according to individual aspects. They give immediate notifications about their actual projects. All tasks can be managed and filtered according to their owner, deadline and project code. The system also handles the deadline management tasks, and provides the possibility of automatic letter generation.


Project support and supervision

Proway can treat the process types with their projects, and organize them into project groups. With this function spending time, costs and deadlines can be defined. Projects’ start and end date, available and used resources and responsible members can be added to each project. The program is able to manage and control the whole verticals of the project. According to the above mentions the following statements can be determined about a project:

–          status of performed and non-completed projects

–          responsible members of each projects

–          exact running time of each projects

–          expected end of projects

–          owners and time spent of projects


Statements of Proway

Statements and statistics are indispensable for managers to their effective planning, analysis and intervention.

–          project transit time

–          current status

–          daily working time report



–          sector independent formation

–          extensive parameterization of process models

–          support of telecommuting: through Internet and Intranet, connection with user name and password

–          multi-site access

–          any number of users


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