Process controlled self-learning virtual office service

 - Process controlled self-learning virtual office service

is a complex software service (SaaS), that is available in Hungary as a unique solution. This solution was developed for that to ease the back office burdens. Our service is provide the proven solutions of the DataLogic Ltd., the necessary server capacity. Our qualified and experienced subcontractors provide the necessary human resources.

Available programs Tasks of subcontractors
  •  Document library
  • Document Recognition System
  • Mail breakdown, scanning
  • Filing and archiving
DataContoPro integrated ERP system modules
  • Finance module
  • Ledger module
Accounting services
  • Invoices processing
  • Accounting
BISCUIT –Management Information System
  • Report and Dashboard interfaces
  • Excel reports
Producers of the up-to-date information
  • Reporters
  • Controllers

Why the service?

  • Because you can save time, energy and last but not least money. You can save time by automating unnecessary manual processes, energy by avoiding surplus administrative circles and money by reallocating human resources that create the own core business value.
  • Because the service increases the efficiency. Using the process controlling system, milestones and readiness levels of tasks can be easily tracked, so with this help processes cannot get stuck in individuals process parts.
  • Because to use it you don’t have to sit in the office. The service is available via the open internet 7/24 – some function also from smart phones – so you can work from your living room, the beach, or even from the downtown traffic jam too.
  • Because you will pay only for that services you will actually use. You don’t have to buy and operate a complete ERP system if you don’t need it. Spend money only that features what you will actually use.
  • Because it constantly provides up-to-date and exact information from the processed data. You can make Excel export immedately from all modules of the system. Reports and Dashboards are also available from a mobile device.
  • Because you can count on us. Your claim and error ticket will be handled as quickly and professionally as possible.

We recommend this service to all business that is open to rethinking their Back Office tasks to implement an efficient solution with a lower cost. If your business needs to work remotely, or it is already part of the practice, then the  service can be a great solution.

The service not only simplifies the daily Back Office tasks, but most routine activities can be automated. This saves a lot of valuable man-hours, so it can be used to plan major strategic steps.

See the detailed description of each of our modules!

Available modules:

Basic modules

  • The basic modules in our packages are the Finance, Ledger and Tangible Assets modules.


  • In the Warehouse module you can track changes accurately in your inventories and current inventories. In the module it is possible to manage several sites, storage and virtual storage at the same time

Document library

  • Using document library greatly simplifies filing, storing and retrieving the documents. It is available that after the document are digitalized, all documents are automatically filed and stored in the same place and becames available to the rightholders.

Process control system

  • Using the Process Controller each task is performed is predefined steps. You can make your own processes with using the process desinger. For each process step, you can specify exactly what the task is and who the owner is. This makes your business workflows more transparent.

Management Information System

  • The service provides up-to-date information to help you make more informed decisions.

Contract registry

  • Using the contract registration module, up-to-date information is available about the contracts.


  • By using the HelpDesk module, you have the opportunity to keep in touch with your own costumers.

If you are interested in our service, please contact our colleagues at the email address or visit our webshop for more information.