Process controlling system

– Process controlling system

The process control system of the service is a great solution for recording and organizing the schematic process steps of the administrative tasks. By working along regulated processes, you can save valuable man-hours and human resources.

During the everyday use with the help of the Process Controlling System, all activities or processes used within the framework of the service take regulated process steps.

The regulated processes determine which steps are used by which resource groups, and the user also decides in which resource groups who or who can perform the task. This also allows flexibility in changing the workload of staff (changes in the amount of each activity, depending on holidays, fluctuations).

If no progress is made on the task within the deadline, it will escalate to another competent group. The advantage of escalation is that tasks along regulated processes cannot be missed. If, for whatever reason, you still get stuck working somewhere, the task escalates to another resource group when the deadline expires.

The great advantage of working along regulated processes is that, each activity and task is defined. In this way, all company knowledge is documented. Thus, even if a staff member leaves and a new colleague arrives, the new collegue can work immediately with the help of process-controlled task.

In addition, task milestones and readiness levels can always be tracked, making day-to-day work more transparent.

You may choose to perform each process steps yourself, using the software service, or using specific subcontractors.

This makes business processes more transparent and easier to manage, but you can even delegate some of your tasks to our subcontractors.


Benefits of using process controlling system:

    • It is possible to start administrative processes related to certain document types automatically.

    • Immediate ready-made processes are available, tailored to the general processes of businesses. If your business needs additional regulated processes, we will further expand the service package.

    • All information about the workflows performed along the controlled steps will be found in one system.

    • For each activity and task is precisely documented, this make it easier to work on a daily basis and even train a new collaegue.

    • In fixed and regulated processes, activities can be divided into resource groups. In addition, it is possible to escalate if the task is not completed by the deadtime.

    • Task milestones and readiness levels can always be tracked, making your daily work more transparent.


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