Billing system for waterworks


Special solution for special claim


DataLogic Ltd. has developed the Sales and Customer Management system especially for Waterworks. The system supports the quotation, contracting, billing and accounting processes.


Benefits of the system

All processes can be registered and managed.

The system meets the Hungarian legislative requirements and operates according to them.

Rapid and effective work is supported by the guaranteed response time – in case of right operating conditions modern network requirements -.

Integrated master database management is provided that function supports the single data entry.


Electronic document attachments: any document format, no limitation. Documents can be downloaded even if an applicable program is not installed.

Complete eligibility system: Different permissions can be adjusted for users, groups and each level of data charts and data views,

This application allows to look back the history of all activities (data modification, downloaded attachments and views)

Graphic surface: The system is easy to use, all system parameters are freely definable (e.g. sequence of the columns, displayed rows, orderliness).

Built-in, predefined statements: these statements can satisfy the company’s information requirement. They can be viewed in arbitrary format (HTML, PDF), filtered according to different aspects and exported in Excel charts.

The system can make document type statements (replacement form, reader lists, invoices, etc.) or other indispensable lists (master lists, letters, protocols, statistics, reader lists, summaries, etc.). These types of statements are available, but more special lists can be developed or modified.

The system is able to communicate with external systems, so export-import is solved with PSION meters. This function also supports the export-import of banking, postal money orders import and the cash register import.