Customer Operator System

Product information

Customer-centric demand management

Companies with operation of customer service have to handle their customers’ demands. With HELPDESK we can provide the followings:

  • satisfied customers
  • error and claim reporting can be tracked
  • effective utilization of working time


Process of error and claim reporting

  1. The customers fill the forms about their claims and errors. Their reports must be detailed.
  2. The system automatically displays the form filled by the customer.
  3. With PROWAY application the system automatically starts the customer service process, served to the administrator.
  4. Possibility of tracking the error status


Benefits of HELPDESK

Customer perspective

  • rapid error reporting (even all day)
  • tracking of the reporting process

Company perspective

  • Resource saving
  • Update information is provided for managers: usual solution time, frequency index
  • Resource planning: human resources can be planned by customer reporting.



  • support of inter or extern customer service
  • 24 hours on-line error administration
  • usual, process-oriented customer service with web-based applications
  • possibility to send status reports the customers (with PROWAY)
    • accepted
    • processed
    • performed
  • automatic documentation



Customers record their claims on their own, so they can avoid misunderstandings. Report lost can be avoided owing to the full documentation. As the result of the system customers and colleagues will be satisfied and they can do their job undisturbed. Customer claims can be effectively managed that helps the better utilization of internal resources.

Quality management standards support: The method of TERVEZŐ fits to the company’s quality management system, and provides the integrated customer service.

Formation of common knowledge base: Individual knowledge and experience transforms to corporate-level knowledge that increase the company’s value.

The troubleshooting time can be recorded (detailed commissioning or maintenance time), divided to reasons and time spent.


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