Sales and Marketing System

Product information

Main purpose of SalesForce

You can effectively manage your customer relationships by using SalesForce, so the expected revenue can be more practicable. This solution can be achieved with the following functions:

  •  better direct communication
  • forecasts can be recorded
  •  predictable sales jobs
  •  information stored in one place

CRM is the tool of direct communication

Direct marketing is a method that seeks to strengthen the relationship between the salesperson and the customer. Frequent marketing tools are data collection, personalized communication and customized offers.

Keyword: Identifying of individual customer claims is the key to new bargain


SalesForce – CRM system

The system allows you to communicate directly with your existing or potential customers, which function increases the possibility of new purchases.

Fact: A lot of purchases are not realized because customers usually cannot feel that they give appropriate solutions to their problems.

It is important to use a marketing tool that is able to manage all partner information, corresponding, offering and provides wide queries. SalesForce covers the whole CRM activity that makes the sale process more effective. The system has direct effect to company’s turnover and market share.


SalesForce as a marketing database

All information about the customers are stored in a system that is suitable for further processing. The system has to store data needed (email or other documents), and provide useful information to the communication.


Functions of SalesForce




Personal customer data Name of the company, general information, administrator (even per item)
Shopping habits What kind of products, how often.. etc.
Communication data Results of calls, storage of campaign responses
Attached documents Related communications, quotations


Word Word documents and templates can be attached
Outlook Stored tasks can be synced with Outlook folders (even with calendars of cellphones and PDA).
Any ERP system The system is able to use the existing master data with ONLINE join of data bases.


Substantive storage of quotation statuses Changes of the offerings can be monitored and next steps can be stored (project, deadline). Who, when and how has made a change how have the offerings modified (unit price, quantity, cost price, cover changes)
Full accountability of SALES colleagues Numbers of bargain, quotation thesis, content coverage, probability of orders and contracts. The system can compare and analyze even two sale statuses and changes.
Percent grant of expected success It can be adjusted that the percent of the expected success can be increased (if conditions are met)
All information remained All information will remain with the company even if a colleague leaves.
Automatic generation of questions and contracts from the system Quotations and contracts can be generated from the system with help of WORD interface.
Schedule It can be adjusted that each project can be revived (according to the adjusted deadline). With the Outlook relation it will be shown in the calendar.




Benefits of SalesForce

Information about sales processes All sales information is stored in one place
Any size sales team can use The system can support the work of:

§  one salesperson

§  whole sales team

There is no limit in user number.

strengthening of the sales process Management get exact sales analysis by using SalesForce. The system supports the better cognition of all projects.
Complete view and control of the sales processes Update information is provided about:

§  who, when, and what kind of offering

§  probability and content coverage of orders

Update statement from the system The SalesForce system contains built-in statements that support the production of required lists (active sales processes, expected end of sales processes)


The following DataLogic system can be can be connected to the SalesForce

–          Proway Process Management System

All functions can be used from the whole Process Management system. The system is suitable for the management of commercial and other business processes (holidays, post-sales functions) and also for the assistance of support work.

–         Filing Electronic Document Management System

Registration number can be generated automatically for each quotations and contracts. (The registration number and the barcode appears on the top of the document)

–          DATACONTO Integrated Management System

Complete management system with the modules of ledger, finance, asset, contract database, inventory management and commitment

–          DATAMINER Management Information and Controlling System

SalesForce contains built-in statements. With DATAMINER’s joins more statements and individual reports can be produced


General features of SalesForce

  • sector independent formation
  • platform and database independent solution
  •  web-based system: available via Internet and Intranet (connect to the system with a username and password)
  • support of telecommuting: opportunity of remote login (bridging the geographic distance). Only a Notebook or Palm PC is enough to upload databases.
  •  opportunity of site access: more sites can work from a central database
  •  integrated master database management: common partners and items in the system. The database is continuously available for update
  • strict eligibility system: Eligibility can be adjusted to the level of data charts, data views and their each functions