In DataLogic’s portfolio there are many solutions that support business processes (TVIR, DataConto, Proway). The common feature of these softwares is the support of users’ business processes that can be operated without any assistance (although they are slowly, work in Excel-charts with high costs).

The basic conditions to install these solutions:

  • the process is stable, everyone performs it in the same way
  • the process has description, result product and responsible
  • inputs and outputs are known and defined
  • existing personal report

These softwares alone cannot solve organizational or management problems. These types of problem are come to light during the installation. But then it is too late. Unfortunately, it is usually applied that the software is „carved” to the wrong operation, and it causes dissatisfaction. This attitude usually leads to loser-loser game.

DataLogic would like to take part in winner-winner game, where the success is provided with complex solutions. We always suggest:

  • business process survey and documentation
  • exact determination of the installation project
  • self-evaluation of business processes
  •  identify the difference between the current and the desired operation

The method of the process survey and optimization is the classic BPR technique that is completed with some Lean principles and 6 sigma method. In simple cases DataLogic does the BPR work, while in case of complex organizations we employ a subcontractor.