TVIR workflow system

What is workflow?

Workflow means the management and support of business processes. Today it is more and more usual that software applications help us to manage and administrate the processes of our business and support the electronically control of all work sessions.

Competent receive all important information in time by using workflow programs. Colleagues can manage different business processes and relevant documentation in an integrated system, and get information about the current status, deadlines and details of the processes.

Workflow with TVIR

Being aware of the enormous business competitions and effective pursuit we have created our TVIR ERP and workflow system. Contrary to usual and standardized systems the TVIR provides individual solution for your company. The primary goal of TVIR is the support of efficiency – organized management of business processes, reduction of time-consuming administration and the optimal allocation of resources.

Business processes can be automatized by using TVIR. This user-friendly program can be arbitrarily customized and manageable. TVIR supports the telecommuting thanks to its web-based client.

TVIR helps you to operate your business more effective, with lower costs and more organized. The system allows the planning, management and organization of business processes. Different profit and loss accounts can be available only with a „click”.

TVIR contains all necessary modules to plan, allocate, manage and administrate the business processes. The web-based client can be opened in all browsers that provide the remote access for the competent. The program informs you about the status of current and closed processes, all relevant information and documentation.


In conclusion TVIR gives you the benefit of:

–           resource planning

–           management and control of business processes

–           disposal and management of all necessary information

–           support of complete controlling work

–           support of integrated customer-communication surface

–           support of telecommuting

–           effective management of business processes

–           control of colleagues

–           automatization and acceleration of information flow

–           optimization of administration

–           preparation of up to date statements


TVIR can be used in a most wide area:

–           financial and accounting

–           office

–           government

–           logistics

–           bank

–           advisory area

–           technical design

–           production

–           customer relationship

–           sales

–           project management