Filing and archivation system

Electronic Document Management System


Product information

Filing and archivation system provides a great solution for companies who want to convert from manual filing to electronic document management. All documentation can be found in one place by using Iktató, that causes cost and working times savings.


–          Filing and archivation system support the document management of institutions, small- and medium sized enterprises and multi-site companies

–          Filing and archivation system adapts to the spatial and dimensional properties of the company (time and space production of data, rapid and easy comparison)

–          easy operation and customization

Benefits of Filing and archivation system

–          traditional and difficult record books can be eliminated

–          using of Filing and archivation system does not require any hardware expansion or highly qualified users

–          the web- based function provides the remote access and task management, and also the central safe operation

–          the complete eligibility system help to avoid unauthorized access

–          individual specificity with parameters

–          possibility of electronic attachments and access

Addition services of Filing and archivation system

–          supervisory of document order

–          update of records management policy

–          supervisory of filing and records


Functions of Filing and archivation system

Filing and archivation system maintains the whole process of the document management: receipt, filing, signature and administration.

The system supports to open unlimited registry books, and their data fields can be easily expanded (without any programming and development). Typing errors can be avoided by using master database and the drop-down menu (partner, administrator, etc.)

Filing and archivation system supports the register of incoming and outgoing document between departments. The system automatically generates the registry NO. and date, hereby their manipulation can be avoided.

Errors can be corrected – that the program indicates -. The system supports the re-filing of the corrected document.

Electronic files can be attached (electronic fax, email), and paper format documents can be scanned. Archived documents cannot be modified only in a new document version. The archive function helps to handover of electronic documents, and manages document templates and the barcode technique. Administrators can follow up their futures work and managers can check their colleagues’ performance by using Filing and archivation system. The system automatically indicates the deadlines with a warning message. All recorded data in the database can be looked back. Users can quickly find documents owing to the possibility of search and filtration functions.Filing and archivation system has many built in statements that support the production of individual trackings from stored data (companies, registry books, departments, cities).


Post module

All postal tasks can be fulfilled with the post module of the system (from the dispatch method to poster list). Moreover this module is capable of importation to the current postal cost system.


Mailing module

The system emails the recorded information according to the adjusted parameters (frequency, types, status) to the colleagues.


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