Managment Information System for Small – and Medium Sized Enterprises

Product information

ClickInfo is an individual program that provides you with effective indicators and decision support data.  You can get information about the present situation and future possibilities of your company by using ClickInfo.


Operation of ClickInfo:

The program overlays the existing management and transaction systems. It manually or automatically reads the data, and processes them according to predefined indicators. As a result you can see all information on a graphic surface.

With just a few clicks ClickInfo shows your company’s present state starting from graphic visualization to analytical depth.

–          Green sign indicates everything is all right, intervention is not required

–          Yellow sign indicates processes are in wrong direction, revision is required

–          Red sign indicates something problem, intervention is required


Benefits of ClickInfo:

–          you can rapidly get important information about your company’s operation

–          you can choose among individual indicators

–          you can make effective information without any specialists’ help

–          you can calculate with low implementation and operating costs

–          simple user interface


If you are interested in ClickInfo contact us:

Phone: +36 1 412 3730